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The CB-2 Double Hopper Concrete Blender
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The CB-2
Double Hopper Concrete Blender

CB-2 Concrete Blender U-CART of America presents the CB-2 Concrete Blender. This versatile piece of concrete equipment is available as a wet auger system (as shown) or as a dry belt system. Depending on your needs and the uses you have for your new CB-2. The unit shown (on right) is a special application with dual CS-200 bulk cement storage silos. This machinery loads a yard in less than 2 minutes. The hoppers on this unit have a large capacity of 10 yards per hopper.

At U-CART, we manufacture our equipment to be easy to use, versatile, and efficient. The CB 2 is no exception. This state of the art concrete blender can be used in pre-cast operations or trailer haul ready mix concrete. The versatility of this machine includes selecting your choice of mixes. Two separate hoppers for two separate mixes. The capacity of the dual hoppers is 6 yards per hopper. With vibrators on each hopper and on the silo, the material flow stays smooth. The CB 2 Concrete Blender combines the HIGH QUALITY which U-CART is known for with the easy to use control panel to create the best concrete blender available.

CB-2 Concrete Blender The CB-2 Concrete Blender comes in several different configurations depending on the layout of your yard. As you can see, we manufacture them as 90 units or as a center discharge unit. This can be done in either the dry system or the wet auger system. The dry system is also available with the pivot option, which allows you to stage MT-1 Mixing Trailers if you like. The CB-2 is also available with wing walls that increase the capacity of the dual hoppers.

Either way you go, when you go with U-CART, you go with the industry leader in quality, customer service, and equipment service. Just call us at 800-950-3366 to find out how easy it can be to get started in the trailer haul concrete industry. And begin making more money for your operation.

9" x 13-ft. Hydra Mix mixing auger The heart of the wet auger mixing system is the 9" x 13-ft. Hydra Mix mixing auger. This heavy-duty auger, backed with wear shoes, turns at a high rate of speed to assure proper mixing of the materials in the chamber. The operator has only to release a couple of clamps to wash down after a yard of concrete in mixed.

CB-2 Specifications:

Space Required:


1000 sq. Feet (allowing space for trailers)



15 cubic yards per hour. 4 Minute Cycle is Standard



8,000 lbs. shipping weight



30 ft long (with auger down) x 7 ft. wide x 10 ft. tall (with auger up)

Height of Hoppers:



Auger Mixer:


9" x 13 ft. heavy duty steel mixing auger with replaceable wear shoes

Mixing Chamber:


Heavy-duty rubber auger trough.

Mixer Motor:


High speed, high torque, and heavy-duty hydraulic motor

Auger Tilt:


3” x 36" hydraulic lift cylinder

Hopper Capacity:


Two separate 6 yard hoppers

Aggregate hoppers constructed of 10 gauge steel, continuous welded seams with a 4 x 4 steel tube main frame.

Metering System:





Calibrated speed adjustable



Calibrated slide gate adjustable



Sight flow meter, 0-20 GPM



Hydraulic controls for ease of operation

Hydraulic Pump:


2 Stage Pump

Hydraulic Filter:


10 micron filter with differential pressure gauge

Hydraulic Reservoir:


Sight glass and easy-fill cap



Easily loaded with a front-end loader.






Custom paint colors available at NO EXTRA CHARGE.

The CB-2 is available with either a 200-barrell silo or a 30-bag silo for cement storage. Both utilize an electric vibrator and EPA approved bag-house filter system. The CB-2 also has a low level cement indicator on the control panel.

No matter what you want to do in concrete, U-CART is your source for equipment and information. When a customer buys our equipment, they not only get the best quality equipment in the industry, they also get a commitment to success from U-CART. We can help with marketing, mix design, troubleshooting, and service.

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